Final day to prepare the “wetskills”



Wetskills South Korea 2022-

By Seongju Whang, Hongik University


Today is the final preparation day for the two-week “wetskills”. Everyone is busy from morning to finish their poster and paper. The person preparing the pitch for each team was busy practicing and preparing for the script and the various tips they heard yesterday.



All the teams “wetskills” are edited and take the pictures that they want to put on the paper.

Team without all team members used pictures they had taken with the team members before.

Everyone seemed busy filling in the paper, and everyone was working hard until the end. In addition, everyone looked bright despite the effort to finish on time and the hard schedule.


The fire alarm went off after lunch. The alarm went off for making headlines, but no one seemed surprised or urgent. We went out and watched the situation, and even though the alarm went off, there were many people entering the building, and everyone seemed relaxed. The alarm soon went off and we knew it was a false alarm. In Korea, these false alarms often seemed to sound.


Everyone finished the poster work, which was supposed to be done by 3 p.m.! Everyone finished well on time without a late team. And the poster we finished was printed on the same day and we could receive it. The poster was printed well without missing parts, and we were all satisfied when we saw the poster.



The people preparing for the pitch moved the venue for the pitch tomorrow and practiced more realistic. There were several people there who were nervous, who expected a pitch, and so on. Everyone prepared hard and their expressions looked bright.


All teams have completed the poster and paper work. Everyone finished on time without being late, and we ate pizza together after we finished. They all had different tastes, asked everyone’s tastes, ordered their preferred pizza, and enjoyed it together.  I felt good because other people seemed to like pizza and pickles. I thought that pickles that always come when I order pizza from Korea could be unfamiliar in other cultures.



After finishing the pizza, we cleaned up the big paper and various trash that we used to “wetskills”. Everyone must have been tired from “wet skills”, but they took the initiative and organized it hard without showing any signs of difficulty, and I thought I was lucky to do this project with such wonderful people.


Thank you so much, I had so much fun, and it was a happy time.




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