Don’t call me Crazy…



Wetskills Netherlands 2020

by student from Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences


Walk on water

My first Wetskills event started this morning at 0700, packing stuff and on the road with the speedbike because there are no trains running between Gouda and Woerden. A beautiful drive towards Utrecht Central, through the polder landscape with the rising sun, the fog and the awakening cows. A first experience with a mouth mask on the train to Zwolle, after that i continue by bike to Meppel, again no trains. The final part from Meppel towards Leeuwarden by train and I arrived in the prison (Alibi Hostel) for the next 10 days.

After an introductory round of our supervisors (Johan, Marcel and Charlie), everyone looked up a photo and told a story about it, introduce themself and their expectations of the event. A varied group of young people; women, men, coming from Mexico, Kenya, United States and Holland. My expectation is a big surprise because I have been indoctrinated by Marcel to come along! 🙂

In the afternoon we went to discover Leeuwarden and got to know each other by playing Crazy 88. And crazy it was for sure. We had to loosen up for a while, but after the necessary inspiration there were enough out-of-the-box or just crazy, fantastic moments. Perhaps the video material will become available ……… be aware of the special skills we have together: P.

In the evening we ate a good meal, 2 courses and ‘gezellige’ drinks in the “laughing cow”. Because it was the weekend we moved to a terrace where we forgot the time. Laughed a lot, exchanged ideas. A wonderful start.

Help a market vendor

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