When different cultures collide



Wetskills Israel 2017 –  When different cultures collide

“As is water, Wetskills is also for everyone. Apart from the ground you visit, you visit a different ‘world’”

The first minutes after setting foot on the ‘Holy Land’ of Israel, you feel the air and the immeasurable vibes of this place. The heat, the view, the whole site, you are trying to get a grip. Trying to get used to it, but loving it isn’t that difficult.


As anyone can guess, our team exists out of Dutch folks and Israelis, but we also have a student who’s temporary in Israel and originates from China. So having some culture differences isn’t avoidable, but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. It gives a lot of different perspectives on a subject, educational information, recipes and a ton of funny moments.

From telling about Dutch habits and traditions, to Israel language and Chinese lakes. We all gain more and more information about others and their cultures, what makes us blink and open our ears to the one next to you. Not learning that the Dutch are way too overdressed in almost every occasion in the Israeli eyes and that we need to get our public transport on time on Shabbat Friday (or you will be screwed), is the main reason for the fusion of the cultures. The most important reason is the different minds that come together. Everyone has their own history and experiences, which can bring forth new ideas. This collusion creates ground for new world changing formulas and plans.


Next to tasting a glass of passionfruit wine and being surprised of the way the Israelis try to pronounce the Dutch word “passievrucht”, we do our best to combine our intellect and solve some watery cases with a fully determined mind and some good laughs.

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