Deadlines day !



By Pann Ei Ei Phyoe


As the final of the wetskills challenge is getting closer, the young professionals are also getting ready with each own project and conceptual ideas. The final of the challenge is in two days and the urgency to be ready of the supporting documents for the challenge is getting important. Therefore, the goals of today’s program are to finalize the posters and to finish the reports which are based on the concepts that we were developing the past week. The weather outside the church of the water campus, the location where we work, the water is pouring from the sky heavily. However, the people seems not caring much on the 11 degree weather, rather, working on individual tasks of each own.


As we have to finalize all the deadlines and goals, all four groups have started the day since 8 AM and had been finalized both the poster and the reports. Each group has present a brief idea of the case to Mr. Ahmed Al Busaidi ( a doctor from Sultan Qaboos University ) and got feedbacks and points to improve. The inputs from our supervisors and visiting doctor helped improved what is needed to be done in the posters in many ways.


All teams successfully finalized the poster by 12:00 PM in the afternoon and the smiles of each team has brighten “a bit “ for the lunch time. Although everyone has realized another deadline for handing the reports by 6 PM, they can’t keep the expressing of finishing the posters on-time.


In the afternoon session, you can see three types of people. The people who are trying to catch up the deadlines of the paper, the people who are practicing the pitch and finally, the people who are helping to other teams as they have finished their reports. One can see the respectful connections between each team.



Besides everyone has been stressed about their individual tasks, the smile of each group after handing the report is the most beautiful and satisfying smiles which is expressing the achievements that they have done the last week.

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