Day 3: Embarking on the Brain Hurricane



Wetskills-The Netherlands, 30th of October 2023 (by Musadiq Usman MSc. Student, Wageningen University and Research)

The sun peeked over the horizon, casting its warm embrace over Rotterdam as we awoke to a brand new day of our Wetskills Challenge. We had a day packed with activities, but don’t worry; we managed to sprinkle in a healthy dose of fun along the way. The activities for today included: meet and greet with case owners, speed dates with experts, and brainstorming.


Meet & Greet with Case Owners

Our day kicked off with a hearty breakfast that fueled our bodies and spirits. By 8:30 AM, we were all set to go, accompanied by our trusty program supervisors. Our first activity was the Meet & Greet with the Case Owners. We arrived right on time, and, oh! the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and tea was the perfect start to an eventful day. Each case owner took the stage under the guidance of our supervisors, and made their presentations. It was our chance to get up close and personal with the challenges we’d be working on in the days to come.

Speed Dates with External Experts

We splited into our case groups, each in different rooms. It was like a whirlwind romance with knowledge. External experts, our case owners, approached us one by one, and within the confines of a timeframe, they shared their invaluable insights and experiences. We listened, we interacted, and we asked questions. It was a knowledge feast, and we couldn’t get enough. Afterward, it was time to refuel our tanks with a scrumptious lunch. But it wasn’t just about the food; it was a chance for us to unwind, share ideas informally, and engage in delightful conversations with our fellow challengers, external experts, and supervisors. The laughter was contagious, and the connections we forged were priceless. Of course, we couldn’t resist capturing the moment with a group photo, including our fantastic case owners.


Brainstorming – The Brain Hurricane Begins

The afternoon found us boarding the tram once more, this time bound for Hogeschool. This was our brainstorming hub, where we’d chart the course for our mission, assigned roles to each team member, defined the problem and its context, and outline our approach to addressing the challenge. With an eye on the clock, we had to set deadlines and began weaving the threads of our plans. As the day wound down, we left the Hogeschool with heads buzzing and hearts brimming with excitement. The Brain Hurricane had commenced, and we were ready to weather the storm. Stay tuned for more adventures as we dive deeper into the challenges that lie ahead in the Wetskills Challenge.

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