Day 2: Let the work begin!!!



Wetskills The Netherlands 2019 By Tasneem (Palestine) & Mohammed (Palestine)


Today we started at 9 am as the second day of teamwork which is a full-day of energy work schedule. We met with our case owners and started conducting research for our cases with hopes of starting to get an idea for the solution and brainstorming. To achieve this, we sat together and drafted an action plan to guide us.


Participants (Green and purple team) engaging with their owner (IHE DELFT)
Future Water leaders doing the assignment with their team members









Between 1pm – 2:30 pm, we explored parts of Rotterdam and had our lunch together at a nearby restaurant which was a really interesting experience. After our food hunt, a training session on how to lead yourself and know more about who you are (based on the Personal Color Theory) was conducted by Wetskills Team. Later on, we had an assignment from Mr Ralph (one of the two full-time supervisors) about how to find a solution under pressure and how to work together as a team to reach a common goals despite differences and personalities. After that, we had free time in the city to explore more, mingle and do like the locals do: fun time. 


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