D-Day of Wetskills 2019



Wetskills South Korea 2019 – 

by Muhammad Yacub (Kumoh National Institute of Technology)-


It was the day of deadline Wetskills-South Korea 2019. D-days are always hard for army or any team who works on a specific task. I personally believe that “Goals are dreams with deadlines” therefore, I can work better under pressure to meet deadlines.
It was Monday morning I woke up early got ready and joined my team on time in community lounge. Wetskills management team opened the day as usual with an announcement of pitch and poster submission deadline time 2.00pm. Afterwards, we started discussion regarding our poster and pitch. I started work on poster after explaining technical things about the case study to our team mates who then started practice for pitch presentation. Every group was looking bit nervous about pitch and some of us also had to rehearse our pitches with focus on their contents, posture, and hand gestures at the same place community lounge.



An announcement on 11.30am to evacuate community lounge for 2hrs because another program was arranged at same place so we went to guest house and kept working on our assigned tasks and took our lunch during this break. Then came back to community lounge on 1.40pm for final session that was presentation of pitch and posters. All the teams put their 100% in it and learnt a lots from this practice before grand finale.



Pitch and poster presentation finished around 4.30pm and everyone was feeling relaxed and positive towards the critics and constructive comments given by Wetskills management and other teams. As a mind should be allowed some relaxation so that it may return to work all the better for the rest. Therefore, a refreshment party was arranged by Wetskills that really took us out of the D-day stress. In the last, plan of travelling to Daegu to participate in Korea International Water Week was shared by Wetskills and before leaving we clicked our group photo and said good bye to each other with a promise to meet early morning to finalize our poster and paper. Other than technical learning from this program it was also full of new experience and information which learnt from people belongs to different cultural backgrounds. A day ended on a good note with a quote “It’s our own ability to have an idea and go after the idea and make it happen. That’s what at the end of the day defines us” Satya Nadella.

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