Beautiful Netherlands



By Tahani Bait Suwailam


The day was started with our walk at sharp 8:30 am to the Leeuwarden water campus where I was fascinated by the breath-taking views of the beautiful streets and paths surrounded by the lush- green grass, flowers and Blackberries. Water canals, stone paved streets, boats, and the energetic bicyclists resembles an authentic Dutch environment in a magnificent scenery. On our way to the Leeuwarden Water campus, my colleagues and I we were stopped by passage of a train headed to Groningen which is one of the Beautiful towns of the Netherlands.


In the campus, every team was working on their case topics and my team with case 3 had first a group meeting to discuss the ideas and further improvements, then we had a skype meeting with our case owner where we discussed our ideas and plans to address the topic, and we had some tips and advices from a professional regarding solving water related concepts. We continued our work with some coffee and biscuits and at the lunch time, we went to the cafeteria of Van hall Larenstein University where we had some sandwiches, fresh juice and vegetable soup. After that we went back to the campus where our supervisor Ioana Dobrescu gave a presentation called “Team roles“ that helps every team member to discover the roles they can play in the team which can be innovator, driver, excuter, etc. Knowing personality roles will help in in better knowing the strength points of every individual and how to use it in the best way possible for the sake of the team to tackle the Wetskills competition. Every member had to do a quick test called 123 test where we had to select some personality characteristic that you feel you have, and based on my choices I got my team role.

My team and I continued finding innovative solution for our case “case 3” for the rest on the day and then we had a group photo at the entrance of the Water campus.

At 5 pm a group of the Wetskills participants went to a Turkish restaurant that serves delicious food and we had some Kapsalon and Falafel with Aeran and fizzy drinks and then returned to the Alibi hostel after a super great time.


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