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Lesotho 2023 – Monday Day 3 – blog by Vanessa –

Hello hello we’ll take you through our day three at the Wetskills Program Lesotho edition.

Firstly we had out breakfast at the lodge where we also did a mini challenge, 2 members from each of the teams were to name a minimum of five members from the other group. From there we were all shuttled to IEMS a branch campus of the University of Lesotho. We all marveled at the scenery of the campus and got inspired to creatively brainstorm on the work at hand. Graduation preparations were also being made in the campus, hence we got to interact with a lot of students and share on our cultures. After a while we settled down and a few groups got to meet their case owners and hit the road running. As for the other groups self steered brainstorming sessions continued.

At around noon people left the campus to go and buy lunch. My oh my the Chinese restaurant close to the campus offered most of us a great Chinese cuisine treat and the prices were also affordable allowing us to experience bliss at an affordable price. After lunch we all continued working for a while and then we were shuttled back to the lodge where all the  teams continued with the different tasks at hand. Others went to Thana Bosiu, I must admit the place is very beautiful, to all those planning on visiting Lesotho don’t forget to check it out. Other teams had the opportunity to even ride horses and visit the farmlands as well. With a lot of these activities going on  the Wetskills team Lesotho 2023 didn’t forget to take a moment and kick the ball with some local youths in one of the play grounds.  After all this we retired to the lodge where we had our dinner and mini recap session.

Stay tuned for more as we continue our journey through the program!

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