It’s Crazy88: our physical live start in Copenhagen



Copenhagen, Denmark – 15 August 2021 – Wetskills Challenge Day 1

By Eline Anvik (Free University of Amsterdam / Amsterdam International Water Week)


Finally it was here, the first day of Wetskills Denmark 2021! I do not think I was alone being excited to meet everyone and getting to know each other before we dive into the cases!

The day started off perfectly at the hostel with a light breakfast and a coffee. While we were all getting ready for the day, more and more people arrived at the hostel. Some from the Netherlands and some from Denmark. But the coolest thing was that we quickly learned that we had a lot of different study backgrounds to bring to the table, which I am sure will make an interesting dynamic when we start approaching the cases. After the arrival we all got ready for 88 crazy challenges on our way to the final destination with a dinner. We walked through the city of Copenhagen in great, sunny weather whilst trying to creatively solve the 88 tasks. It went very well and we got to know each other a lot better. When we eventually arrived the dinner place, we were welcomed by a very friendly atmosphere and lovely food! The place was full and we got to chat with some nice people outside of our program as well. After the dinner we had a walk back to the hostel where most of us were ready for a shower and bedtime after a day with a lot of impressions!

The reason I decided to join Wetskills was because it was recommended to me by a colleague of mine. She was telling me that Wetskills was a great opportunity to challenge myself and also meet other people that are involved in the water sector. I quickly decided to go and the spontaneity of leaving for Denmark felt very exciting after living under corona restrictions for such a long time. My expectations also reflects what my colleague told me. Among other things, I expect to be challenged both by the cases and by the people to broaden my perspective. I think Wetskills will be an intense experience with a packed program, but this will also be the reason that I will be able to dive into the experience with no distractions other than the beautiful city of Copenhagen!

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