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Wetskills Romania 2017 – May 11th 

“Sometimes we look at things so differently, it’s funny.”

Today we started with a pitch and poster training. We were explained how to make a good poster and which aspects to keep in mind. During the training, different posters that were made during other Wetskills events were showed. It was funny to see that a lot of students had a different opinion about which poster was the best! After that we got some explanation about the pitch, and they showed us five different pitch video’s also from previous Wetskills events. Every project group already decided which person is going to pitch at the ExpoAPA and who will be the backup, except our group. Through a game we decided who is going to do the pitch, Sorin (one of my groupmates) guessed the right number so he has to do the pitch. It was a bit of a relief for me, otherwise I would have been really nervous!

In the afternoon we worked on our cases as well. We were more ahead than we thought yesterday. Our case is about the ecological rehabilitation of the Old riverbed of the Başeu river. It’s a really nice experience to put our expertise and the knowledge, which was gained over the last years in our studies, into a project abroad. It’s a challenge and it is also entertaining to work together as a team, because sometimes you look so different to certain things.

For me it was the first time in Romania, the last couple of days we had some spare time to explore Bucharest itself. Yesterday we visited the old city Centre, which was really nice! We visit some old buildings and ate in a nice cozy restaurant with typical Romanian food. It still is a surprise what we order every time and again, because of the Romanian menu’s.

In the centre there is also flowing a river; The Dambovita. It is interesting to see that in Romania the water management is very different compared to the Netherlands. The Dambovita river is just flowing in a concrete open canal. Which is very different from rivers in the Netherlands, where rivers are shaped by a more natural environment and climate change effects additionally.

So far this Wetskills-event in Romania is a real adventure! Whereby I learn a lot, but especially have a lot of fun!!



Lisanne Rietman (Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences)

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