China lover day



By Jiuyan Fu

Today is the China lover day, and we began our Wetskills-China program in a romantic atmosphere. While the weather was not that shining, we were so excited for the first meeting with all the member in this program. As a Chinese student, I don’t have much chance to communicate with the same-age foreign students from abroad famous university and to get along with them for a long time. That is make me feel complicated. For a one hand, I want to make more friends who is from different countries and to know their habits. Due to that, this program makes me very excited. On the other hand, because of my poor English skills, it’s also make me anxious about the upcoming days. However, with the friendly and happy atmosphere, we were getting well with each other. After the short meeting, we go to the Zhejiang University of Technology and Science to be more familiar with each other by exchange our habits and interest.

The dinner was ready in the school canteen, when we finished our first meet. The food was good, and it was really surprised about almost every foreigner can use the chopsticks. And they quite enjoyed their dishes. Both of Jordy and Joris have ordered the really big doufu soup and they seem quite like that. Anyway, the first day for Wetskills are quite good, we all enjoy ourselves. I was so happy I have the chance to be here.

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