Brainstorming ahead!



Wetskills-South Korea 2018 – Today is a day of action! We had a great day with a lot of impressions yesterday and now we have to work because our first deadline is already coming up. The action plan needs to be handed in at 12.00h, which is enough reason for the first bit of stressing out.


The first thing to do was looking into the overload of information of yesterday. What was usable and what not, what did we still need to know, what do we need to research and a lot of brainstorming already. The  actual writing of the action plan started at 11.20 so my group had to hurry. But we handed it in on time and it felt like a good plan.


Lunch contained Udon, which is very delicious Japanese food. But it also had these weird thick noodles that are very different from the Korean noodles… much easier to grab with sticks though! The rice ball with tuna in it and the fried chicken were amazing so note to you and myself: GO EAT UDON, its delicious!!



The afternoon was filled with more brainstorming for ideas. Looking into the problems of the case owners a bit more and talking with Floor, Johan and Jeryang about the Action plan. It turns out that my group was a bit too ambitious with the time taken to look for a good idea. Just so you know: MORE BRAINSTORMING AHEAD.



Besides all those serious activities there was also time to get to know each other a bit better as a group. We had a very nice time comparing and listening to a lot of Korean pop and Dutch music (BlØf!!) . During the brainstorming there was also time to let our more creative minds out of the box and onto the whiteboard.



The evening existed of even more experiences. We went into the city to get some oxygen and stretch the legs. Dinner was a real experience since it was the first time to try Makgeolli /rice wine which you need to drink from a bowl. Made me feel very sophisticated somehow! More interesting were the pig legs we had as food. Who had thought that something so un-tasty sounding could be so tasty!


Lastly there was a nice walk along the Cheongyecheon stream. Interesting fact is that this stream circulated and that the water is cleaned by the water treatment plants before its used here. Overall a very nice ending of the day!


Rianne Meeusen

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