blog Wetskills-UK 30 March- by Noortje Vromans



blog Wetskills-UK  30 March- by Noortje Vromans (Universiteit Utrecht)

It’s the first day of Wetskills United Kingdom 2017 and the city of Bath welcomes us with shiny weather. Enjoying the rays of sun we get to meet our fellow participants at the outside picnic tables.

An international group of mostly girls ready to take on the next water challenge. Our hosts, Inge and Chrysoula, have even taken care to provide us with some nice lunch packages.

After a brief introduction we are sent on our way for some team building activities. We arrive at a place with the promising sign “Escape room and tours”. Here, we hear about the murder case of Sir Richard. The poor guy was found death in his room. It is a mystery, though, who might be the guilty party. Thankfully, we have the first clue! So in good spirits we set out to solve the case.

The case takes us on an interesting journey across the city of Bath. We admire the old Roman buildings, find secret passages near the river and entertain ourselves at a local playground. At the same time we discover that our dear Sir Richard not only might have been murdered by the butler, the son, or the second wife, but was also part of a very secret order.

Not only do we get to know more about this secret order, but also about our own group members. Who is the best map reader? Who is quick to grasp the clues? And who is the most competitive? All these new impressions make for a fulfilling, but tiring day. It was therefore no surprise that after dinner everyone was ready to get a good night’s rest. After all, tomorrow we will have to be up bright an early for the brain hurricane. 

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