A beautify sunny day, having a Chilli end- by Joy Pengel



blog Wetskills-UK 1 April – by Joy Pengel (Wageningen University and Research center)

Today we all woke up well rested and with the sun shining, promising that it would be a perfect day! After a nice and relaxing morning we all met up again to visit the highlight of Bath!

The roman bath house and it’s museum. It’s no coincidence that the name of this city is Bath.

We got an exclusive tour for a bit more than one hour in which we got information about the workings of the bath and the ancient roman bathing lifestyle. Bathing in those times sounded quite dangerous! I think I prefer my comfortable bath at home. (Even if it take ages to fill up and there is no slave to give me a massage beforehand.)



After the tour it was time for the groups to work on their action plans. My group (the Inter-Linkers) decided to leave the hostel and go to the society café. Chrysoula promised that the internet was good there and that there were large tables you could work on. Yet, when we arrived the café was packed full of people! Eventually we found a place only to find that the internet was weak and constantly stopped working. But being resourceful we made it work and finished our first draft of Action Plan.

Wanting to end this beautiful day together we decided to get Indian take away. The food was delicious and I finally had some (for me) normal spicy curry! The dinner went on as normal until I said that the chili’s which Jesse was putting away weren’t that hot and that he should just try one. It ended with a red faced, crying Jesse and me fearing when his revenge will come… a Chilli end to a Sunny day.

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