Adventurous times: Kinderdijk & Rotterdam



Wetskills-The Netherlands, 4 November 2023 (by Mohammad Sabeel Salih Alzadjali, NWS Oman)

Today at morning, we decided as a team to have free time for more adventures, after a busy week full of different activities. Our plan was to make this day « SATURDAY » a fun day to do free activities like visiting new places around the city of Rotterdam.

The first thing we did this morning is checking the weather : it was raining… a lot… so we began our day at a cafe to drink our morning coffee to start the adventures with full of energy. After that we visited the famous Saturday market  in Rotterdam city, we spent time doing shopping : we bought some gifts for our families.

After a long week we decided to go to the barber to refresh our look, so we used google maps to help us to find the best barber in the city.

After all of that we made a plan with my friends at Wetskills; to visit «Kinderdijk ». We went there by train and bus.

We arrived to Kinderdijk : it was crowded with people. We went to the reception and we bought the tickets. It costs 19 Euros for each person, this ticket covered a small trip with a boat and also to enter the museum.









The view was very beautiful , specially the river and the wind turbines, also we enter to the museum. It was amazing and we bought some gifts memories. while we were there , we met other members in Wetskills , we had a talk about this amazing adventure then we took some photos for memories. Upon return we decided to take the boat. During the trip we met a crew in the ship , we talked with him and he guided us for some historical monuments and places , then we crossed the famous bridge: Erasmusbridge.

After we came back to the city, the time was 6 pm , so we went to the restaurant and we got a delicious food.

At the end, we spent an amazing time with our friends during this wonderful adventure , we got a good experience and Opportunity to visit interesting places.

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