A wholesome online WetSkills SA experience



W@tskills South Africa 2021 by

Sbusiso Khuboni, Kimara Moodley (South Africa),
Mpho Ramothole (South Africa) & Paul Notenboom (Netherlands)


The first day was of course not like the usual offline event, we metonline’… not in the DMs but everyone’s video was all ready for on fleek first impressions. A diverse group of participants.


Plenary session

Mixing business with pleasure…

All participants were excited and eager to experience this different kind of WetSkills SA Challenge. As soon as cases were introduced, the enthusiasm was not as 100% as the morning of the first day hahahaha – some landed on cases they prayed hard not to get.



For most of the days, it was serious business packed with literature review, brainstorming and sharing of ideas all in the aim to find solutions to the cases… Work and deliverables piled up; but the afternoon to evening social chills did help to unwind and be all-jolly with a glass of something.


Members from Team 2 and Team 3, interacting and exchanging advise on their cases during the innovation carrousel

Informative engaging sessions with supervisors, case owners, guests and amongst the teams were the highlights of most of the days between the first day and the day before finals…






Movie time… we have actors


The night before finals, participants were requested to submit their 15 – 30seconds video that will form part of the movie. One participant asked the supervisor not to laugh at their ETV audition.




It is a competition




Fast forward, like all events, on 9 March it was the finals day. Teams have submitted their great innovative ideas and solutions via a 2 minute pitch, a poster and paper The deadlines have been met and we wake up to a buzzing WhatsApp groups with memes, stickers and none ending jokes. Everyone seems to be in a good spirit and excited for the winners announcement later in the day.


The morning session was fully about International Workshop and Ingenerational Dialogue for Southern Africa where presentations and participative engagement was the breakfast meal of the day. The afternoon session was all dedicated to the WetSkills SA Challenge Finals and #WetSkills10 Jubilee Celebration.


Team 2 members excited as they were announced as winners of WetSkills SA 2021 Challenge. Top Left to right: Gerben van Muiswinkel, Karabo Mokoena & Sbusiso Khuboni. Bottom left to right: Awodwa Magingi, Sebastiian Haverkate & Lindelwa Ndhlovu. Bottom: Wendy Dube


Dr Valerie Naidoo (WRC) was part of the jury team and she had the hard job of announcing winners. She said, “All teams did an amazing work. Very difficult choice… The winner is Team 2”


All participants and congratulated the winning team




And it’s a wrap! In true South African style


The event is officially closed. An online after party is in full swing, drinks are flowing, people are even getting new names. The future looks so bright for some contestants they have pulled out their shades.


It was a rollercoaster ride yet an all-rounder experience; educational, challenging and convivial.

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