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Wetskills Palestinian Territories 2022 – 

by Sarah Mansour (Al-Najah National University)


My name is Sarah Mansour I’m one of the participant in wetskills event 2022 that happened in Palestine, I’m from  city called Jenin in Palestine. I’m a civil engineering graduated from Al-Najah National University my graduation project was about design a wastewater network to the southern part of Tubas and I had a higher degree in it.



Wetskills give me the opportunity to learn new skills and to meet new people with difference in experience and knowledge, make new friends new thinking, read more about the situation of water in Palestine, now the water problem that Palestine face and meet many experts in this field learn from their position’s more and think deeply and intelligently. It’s only 12 days in this program but it’s the full 12 days of information and challenges.


The second Friday was at Bethlehem, we have visited the Palestine museum of natural history and make a small tour in the place, also get a small lecture about the place, then we had a time to work In our cases, after that we had eaten lunch which include popular meal in Palestine called zereb (زرب) ,and then Dr. Abed-Alfattah Al-Mallah gave us a lecture about “challenges and opportunities for reusing treated wastewater in Palestine”. Then we went to Al-Mahed church and we went to see the wall that had been done by Israel called “apartheid wall”,  after we had finished the tour in the church we had gone to eat sweet called kunaffa it’s the famous sweet in Palestine and the oldest one; it considered to be part of our culture, after that we watched the sunset and returned back to the home.




The days run and going on, hope we will do the best on the final day on Tuesday, I am going to miss all the participant and the officials especially Annelise and Inge.



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