A fish swimming in space



Wetskills Palestinian Territories 2022-

by Areen Shareef (Salfeet Municipality)


I’m Areen and I’m a Palestinian architect and who joined wetskills in Palestine, in the beginning I really felt like I’m a fish swimming in the space, What does an architect doing in a water challenge event!!!!


I will admit that I was thinking about quitting in the first day, since I’m a shy person who doesn’t get comfortable with many people around her, but then a friend which is also in wetskills Palestine said to me sometimes you have to go for unexpected places to find the answers you want, and I guess that’s what I did!


I was flopping around the last period due to some normal life struggles and I thought well, why not? This could be my chance now to rebuild my trust in myself, and do you know what? Its’ even more than what I was expect it to be!


A great bunch of young people whose all welling to achieve something great in their lives are joining together every day talking, discussing, laughing, thinking, and taking care of each other’s, what would you hope more than that?!


I’ve been always fascinated with environmentally sustainable cases, but I never thought I will go deep with water issue, but what would expect when you have such lovely instructors for your group!


So here we are at day 2, brain storming ideas that would help us to improve the water situation in Palestine and forcing ourselves to go beyond ordinary thinking to achieve this remarkable idea that we all would be ambitious about to convince people to implement it!


Yet when we are at the top (as we think) our instructor would come and say: great job, but think more! We may get depressed for some seconds but then you’ll found us all thrilled and energetic to give more, and that’s all is resulted by the faith in our abilities we see in our instructor’s looks.


It’s not only a water thing, they will let you believe in yourself, explore some sides in you that you never thought they exist and make the better version of you. They help you (without your knowing) to be more organized and responsible, have so much to do but do it with a smile, yet have fun all the time.


I was really lucky to work with such a great team, each one have a unique personality, and all of us drifted by our ambitious of making the world a better place to live!


I know that I will never forgot this faces and I believe I will be hearing great news about their achievements in future.

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