A day trip to Falsterbro



Copenhagen, Denmark – 20 August 2021 – Wetskills Challenge Day 6

BTeam 2


Our Wetskills challenge is based in Falsterbo, a Swedish peninsula close to Copenhagen. So, we decided to see our case since it was not in India or Australia and we could get there within 90 minutes. We started our day by grabbing some croissants and kanelsnurr and then rushed to the station. We crossed the famous Oresund Bridge and we could already see our destination and some windmills from our window.

We arrived at Falsterbo Strandbad and first went to see the dunes and the beach, took a small dip and walked along the beach looking for some sea shells, which we never found. We then walked to the neighbourhoods to grab a coffee and some carrot cake and continued our exploration. Falsterbo had so much to offer in terms of experience, the golf courses, the brackish lagoons, nature parks, birds flying over our heads and much more. We even picked apples and berries as we walked along the nature reserves and the houses.


There were some historic inspirations also waiting for us on our way. We came across seaweed dikes which were apparently used in the olden days as a flood defence. This serves as an example of nature-based solutions and the seaweed dike also acts as an excellent habitat for certain frog species. This got us thinking about what interventions we wanted to propose in our project. Then followed some interesting brainstorming sessions in the setting of our case. By afternoon we wrapped up and walked towards the harbour area to have lunch. As we were about to leave Falsterbo we did not want to miss the fortress of Skanor which was erected in 1225. Even today we can see the remains of the fortress, only that instead of kings and queens the castle was filled with a flock of sheep. BAA BAA BAA!!!! We clicked some pictures with them and made a grand exit from Falsterbo.


Up next was the city of Malmo where we stopped for a city tour. We walked along the squares, the buildings and the parks, typical tourist things before we left for Copenhagen. Hopefully our adventure will motivate other Wetskills participants to visit their cases or similar projects to take inspiration for your Wetskills challenge.


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