A day in a community lounge at KIST



Wetskills South Korea 2019 – 

by Qayyum Adil (Seoul National University)

Today, I woke up with a thought in my mind that who are going to be my teammates and on what case I will be working on for the coming days.

It all started at 9:00 am in the community lounge of the Korean institute of the science and technology. Everyone was very excited after the first day of the program.

They were very interested in knowing the groups and the team members. So after the morning greetings with the supervisors, teams of 5 cases with 4 members in each were announced.

The first session was for brainstorming, groups worked on understanding the cases and on the possible questions that they will be asking the experts in the later session (Brainhurricane).

At the end of this first session, our group decided to go to a nice restaurant few blocks away from the community lounge for a delicious Korean chicken ribs recommended by Helen and Grace (my two team members). Look at the delicious food, Don’t you want to eat it?



Then there was brief introduction of the cases in front of the experts who arrived during lunch break.

Finally, the speed dating came, 10 minute per expert were given for a talk with each team, to explain and ask questions about our cases. This session turned out to be very helpful in a sense that it gave us some ideas and instructions about our work. As all of the groups were well prepared for the speed dating so 10-minute deadline felt short but it was helpful to know their opinion.

To wrap up, it was all about actively participating and sharing ideas about the cases with the teammates.


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