1,2,3 Start!



By Afrah Hamed


After spending the first night in Alibi hostel, we went together at the early morning to the water campus with full passion and curiosity to explore the place. The landscape of houses and streets crowded with people and bicycles was as an familiar book cover to reveal pages of natural beauty of lakes, green landscapes and the water campus as well.


When we arrived, the case owners and experts greeted and welcomed us at the red room in the historical church. The beginning was a short presentation by Hein Molenkamp about the water campus and its competences. Then, Johan Oost presented an introduction about wetskills program and the previous wetskills events in different countries around the world. Before the coffee break, the four case owners showed-up their cases and their expectation from us to bring solutions out of the box. After that, the experts shared with each group their knowledge just in 10 minutes per expert. At the end of the day, we created plans of action for the giving cases and well planned timelines in order to wrap-up all the works on the time. The coming days will be as serious competition among different groups to bring out the best solutions and convince the case-owners to implement it.

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