The finals: Adventure of a lifetime!

The finals: Adventure of a lifetime!

by Chhavi Mahaur 


The day began with a lot of nervousness against the gloomy backdrop of Mumbai rains. Yes, I was lucky to be a part of the event in offline mode.

As I arrived at the venue, the equipment and setting up process was underway, and we first started the day with lunch. This was an exciting experience as I got the opportunity to chat with the chair of the jury, Ms. Sandra Kalidien, the organizing team, and other guests, which was a profoundly enriching process as we received insights about our case and different issues of significance.

Furthermore, the experts even gave a small glimpse into the multiple realities of one issue and how it affects a solution and its repercussions on its short-term and long-term plan of action.

Finally, the event began, and the five pitches, posters, and questions were underway. It was a surreal experience to have our ideas heard and judged by experts of the field from various backgrounds, and the way each expert came up with questions made us delve deeper into the real-life application of the ideas. This provided us with a whole new dimension around our case. Moreover, the range of ideas explored by all the teams also widened our perspective and made us question the world around us even more.

Post the presentation of cases; I got the opportunity to share a few words of reflection in front of the esteemed guests, representatives from the govt of Mumbai, Mr. Bart de Jong, his team, and the Wetskills family joined virtually.

Indeed, Wetskills has given me memories to last a lifetime and things to observe and question.

Karabo Mokoena