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Winner Wetskills The Netherlands 2017: Flushing fish – case for Waternet

"A solution as simple as innovative. Why did we not think of this before? "With these words, Henk Ovink, Dutch envoy of international water affairs, announced the winner of Wetskills Challenge the Netherlands 2017 during the plenary concluding session of the AIWW. The group of Thijs Lieverse invented a new fish migration system for Waternet. The concept: "See the poldersystem as a toilet. If the water in the sink (polder) reaches a certain level by rainfall, a signal is given and a passage through which fish can swim all be opened."   Unexpected Thijs and his team members Asandiso Mbewu (South Africa), Radwa Elzeiny (Egypt) and Jelle Dijkema (Netherlands) received their award from Nomvula Mokonyane, the South African Minister for Water and Sanitation. Thijs: "I did not expect this. I just started my third year of Civil Engineering at University of Twente and my interest is mainly in coastal defense, so this was...

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