Temporary embankments in Danube Delta

Temporary embankments in Danube Delta

Almost yearly Romania suffers from floods at various impacts levels. The national governments are responsible for the river systems, on a more regional level responsibility for flood risk prevention is with the municipality. At the Dutch Flood Proof Holland test- and demonstration facility various measures against floods on a local level are tested. The challenge for the team is to address the opportunities for each measure in the Romanian context; what will work and for which types of municipality (geographically), is there any relevance of the available techniques in the Romanian context and what types of measures are really necessary? All in all; can the Dutch temporary embankments make the difference during Romanian floods and what’s the strategy the Dutch companies should follow to make business while protecting against floods?


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Poster team 1 – VP Delta


June 2015


Valorisation Programme Delta – Technical University of Delft


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Wetskills Romania 2015