Small-scale sludge treatment techniques

Small-scale sludge treatment techniques

A great challenge for this case study is to find suitable solutions for sludge produced by wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). In Romania there are no small WWTP that solve the problem of sludge because volume is very small and conventional processes cannot be applied.

Investigation of the possibilities of (modular) decentralized small-scale sludge treatment techniques like incineration at WWTP scale, gasification, torrefaction, pyrolysis, etc. to implement it in the research area. It can also be a chain of techniques. The students were asked to pay attention to aspects like: robustness, durability (consumption of energy and resources and production of waste), minimal operator intervention, feasibility (payback time, NPV), scalability, modularity/transportability, etc.


June 2013


Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg


Sludge Solvers


Wetskills Romania 2013