Raising awareness for water pollution

Raising awareness for water pollution

Ahmedabad is a city in the state of Gujarat. The river Sabarmati used to be a seasonal river which is flowing through the city. At the beginning and end of the city a dam was built to maintain water level and create a waterfront, it receives water from the river Narmada. Behind the dam at the end of the city several discharge points of industrial and domestic wastewater effluent can be found. The wastewater here is coming from several STPs, CETP’s and a pipeline carrying wastewater from CETP’s up north. It is also possible wastewater effluent is being discharged before the dam.


The team’s challenge is “to enhance the overall water quality of the river Sabarmati for the purpose of enhancing quality of life of Amdawadi in the future”. 


December 2015


Sewerage Treatment Plants - Ahmedabad


Wetskills India 2015