From solar to salt – durable energy solutions for WML

From solar to salt – durable energy solutions for WML

WML, the drinking water company in the province of Limburg, has grand ambitions. By 2020, they want to operate on a ‘climate neutral’ basis when it comes to carbon emissions. WML currently has an internal carbon footprint of 35 million kg CO2 per year, the lion’s share of which consists of energy used for the production and distribution of water. WML already is in the process of implementing various more conventional measures. Moreover, they have identified the use of temperature gradients in our surface water retention reservoir and the use of the fresh-saline gradient that is present in some of our (brackish) groundwater wells as possible innovative solutions for you to dive into. But can you help them find the potential of these or other ‘out of the box’ options for reducing WML’s carbon footprint / production of renewable energy?


Poster: Wetskills Team 4 – WML


November 2015




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