Coastal Road: Integrated coastal zone management in Nile Delta

Coastal Road: Integrated coastal zone management in Nile Delta

More than 100 km of the Nile Delta needs to be protected from the possible risk of flooding due to sea level rise to protect the local population, the International Coastal Road of Egypt and sensitive resources bordering its inland side.   One opportunity to do so is by re-alignment of the coastal zone. The rationale behind the proposed intervention is simple, to return land to the sea, and allow intertidal habitats to develop landwards of those that are already in existence. This is a useful tool since it allows natural processes to continue, and allows environment to develop in a naturalistic fashion providing flood defence and habitat creation opportunities. Re-alignment is however only possible provided there is no issue with development or usage of the hinterland that would be required for flooding. It is therefore not an appropriate technique where there are constraints upon land usage, such as areas where significant natural habitat value, infrastructure or development is in proximity to a proposed restoration site.


The main goal is to find solutions to sustainably combine the reinforcement of the Nile delta coast with nature development, agriculture, tourism and economic development.


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