BrainHurricane event Wetskills-Romania 2015

BrainHurricane event Wetskills-Romania 2015

At 8th of June, the first Wetskills BrainHurricane event was organized in Romania. This relatively new part of Wetskills was firstly organized during the Wetskills-The Netherlands 2013 (under the name Future Leaders Event) and improved in last year during the events in Israel and Canada.

The Wetskills organization was delighted to have Prof. Jelev (agriculture, Ministry and professor), Mr. Epsica (ApaNova), Prof. Bica (Dean UTCB), Prof Robescu (Politehnica), Mr. Constantin, Mr. Gheorghe, Mr. Potarnihe (all Apele Romane), Mrs. Dobrescu (Netherlands Water Partnership) in the room, including Mr. Feil (National Water Traineeship, case owner). Two other case owners were also connected by Skype.


  1. Introduction by Prof. Robescu
  2. Wetskills by Mr. Oost
  3. Introduction study cases by case owners (organizations that brought in the study cases)
  4. Introduction external experts  (organization and background)
  5. Preparation teams
  6. Speeddate session
  7. Lunch

8 June 2015


Politehnica University Bucharest


Wetskills Romania 2015