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Press release Wetskills for first time to United Kingdom

Wetskills for the first time in the United Kingdom! Between the 30th of March and the 12th of April, the first British Wetskills Water Challenge will take place in United Kingdom (UK). During the event in Bath, 13 students and young professionals from the UK, Belgium, Israel and The Netherlands will work together in teams to come up with out-of-the-box concepts for actual water related cases, posed by British and Dutch case owners. The Water Innovation & Research Centre of the University of Bath (WIRC@Bath) is hosting the event.   Read more: Press-release (in DOCX) Press-release (in PDF) ...

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Publication WetsNext project Ahmedabad

As result of the WetsNext project City BluePrint for Ahmedabad in India (a project by Martien Aartsen, read first blog and second blog), the involved partners submitted an article for WaterDigest, an Indian water magazine. Read the article in WaterDigest. See also a poster about this project: Poster City Blueprint Ahmedabad...

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Announcement for participants Wetskills-The Netherlands 2017 open

Wetskills The Netherlands 2017: ‘The Dutch bring you in!’ Coming soon: Wetskills across the Dutch delta! After many inspiring and successful editions across the globe, Wetskills presents a home coming edition for the fourth time. Look back and back for some great memories from previous events. From 19 October until 2 November 2017 we will make a journey across the Netherlands visiting sites, cities, universities and organizations which had and have their influence on Dutch water management. Make your contribution to current, challenging waterissues in The Netherlands and apply for this special event! Like last editions, the Final of this edition will take place during the Amsterdam International Water Week 2017. Bachelor, Master and PhD students and fresh graduates are invited to sign up at the website....

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Wetskills Ambassador: Mr. Kartikeya Sarabhai (India)

During the Finals of Wetskills-India 2017, Mr. Kartikeya Sarabhai, director of Centre for Environment Education was appointed as Wetskills' international ambassador. Machtelijn and Johan welcomed him by giving him the Wetskilda statue made in South Africa. (Interesting to say is that this hand-made statue was produced in Durban, the city where Ghandi lived for several years before returning to India). "It is second time that we have collaborated with Wetskills. I believe the initiative provides an excellent platform for the young. It's takeaways can also be applied for the Smart Cities initiative of the Government of India" Sarabhai said on the collaboration (source: Times of India). Johan explains Wetskills' choice to ask Mr. Sarabhai: "For Wetskills the focus is on diversity in the teams during our events. Why not in our team of Ambassadors? That is why we strived to have an international Ambassador, who is warmhearted to our programme. Mr....

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Wetskills supports breakthrough: the solution for drought problems worldwide

Is it a coincidence that the world drought map shows is almost similar to the world heat map? Climate artist and Wetskills ambassador Ap Verheggen doesn't think so. His idea: warm air contains a lot of water. Why then not use sunshine to get water out of it? In 2016 he designed and built a device, based on solar energy that extracted water from the air. Costs: €17.000,-. Today Verheggen presents the next version of this device. It functions on solar energy only. Costs...

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