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SunGlacier Challenge in preparation

Wetskills Ambassador Ap Verheggen did research on dew harvesting to create his SunGlacier project (movie) for the last six years (Photo by Hessel Waalewijn). He came up with some prototypes for dew harvesters to get water from moisture. Last month he was invited by Mr. Middelkoop, Upper commander of the Dutch army, to test his prototypes in practice. But in a warzone: Mali. The Dutch army sees water stress as one of the main challenges for stabilizing the world. The results of Ap's experiments are very promising. Ap showed that he could harvest several liters per day for about 40 euros of material costs. Several Dutch papers and television shows gave attention to his experiments. Next stage is to put this in a worldwide Challenge. SunGlacire project and Wetskills Foundation took the lead to initiate such big event. Main aim is that several teams of young talents from universities build their own...

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Wetskills-United Kingdom has started on Thursday 30 March. This is the first time that a British Wetskills Water Challenge is organised. 12 British, Belgian, Israeli, Palestinian and Dutch students / YWP will work on 4 cases about water provided by the water sector, see event page. This time the finals will be organized during the conference of International Water Association - Young Water Professionals in UK, organised in Bath this year. The finals will be held at 11 April in the morning and the awarding is in the evening. Do you want to know more about the event, the team working, the participants' thoughts and feelings and the results? Follow Wetskills-United Kingdom 2017 with our daily blogs....

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Press release Wetskills for first time to United Kingdom

Wetskills for the first time in the United Kingdom! Between the 30th of March and the 12th of April, the first British Wetskills Water Challenge will take place in United Kingdom (UK). During the event in Bath, 13 students and young professionals from the UK, Belgium, Israel and The Netherlands will work together in teams to come up with out-of-the-box concepts for actual water related cases, posed by British and Dutch case owners. The Water Innovation & Research Centre of the University of Bath (WIRC@Bath) is hosting the event.   Read more: Press-release (in DOCX) Press-release (in PDF) ...

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Publication WetsNext project Ahmedabad

As result of the WetsNext project City BluePrint for Ahmedabad in India (a project by Martien Aartsen, read first blog and second blog), the involved partners submitted an article for WaterDigest, an Indian water magazine. Read the article in WaterDigest. See also a poster about this project: Poster City Blueprint Ahmedabad...

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