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Back To The Wetskills Roots: China!!

The first Wetskills Water Challenge ever was organized in China during the WorldExpo 2010 in Shanghai. Guess where we aimed to go this year as well… China!! The Wetskills Foundation invites Bachelor, Master, PhD students and recent graduates to apply for the Wetskills Water Challenge programme in Hangzhou and Shanghai. This edition of Wetskills will take the participants to the nice city of Hangzhou with the beautiful XiHu (West Lake). The presentations will be organized in the framework of and close cooperation with the largest water event worldwide: Aquatech China in Shanghai (31 May – 2 June). So Wetskills will stay in booming Shanghai for the last days as well!    Wetskills is looking for local and international participants and case owners. Join ur   Visit the page for more information...

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Last spots for SunGlacier Challenge in Oman! (20-25 March)

What if we could solve the world drought problem by harvesting water out of air? Join the SunGlacier Challenge! Form a team, make a SunGlacier device (using the described techniques and improve this!), book a ticket to Oman and experience the first SunGlacier Challenge. Looking for the last teams! The first edition of the SunGlacier Challenge has a GO! By now, teams from all over the world are busy with the construction of the devices. But we have some last spot in the programme! We are inviting pioneers to help testing and developing the technologies to a next level. Sounds like fun? Join us! Sign up before februari 8 and become part of our SunGlacier Challenge in Oman from 20-25 March 2018. We help you to get started Create your university team and sign up! We provide you with the techniques to create your own installation with small seminars. It will take you approx. a...

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‘Holland House’ in the theme of water during the Olympics in South Korea!

The Holland Heineken House is the place to be for the Dutch during Olympic events. This year a special water theme is created on 10 February, because .. Wetskills will have its finals there. With special guests Prime Minister from the Netherlands Mark Rutte, special water envoy, Wetskills Ambassador Henk Ovink and interim vice-Mayor of Amsterdam, Eric van der Burg, the teams will present the out-of-the-box ideas.   Focus on cooperation and continuation: WetsNext The cases of this event are focused on cooperation between the South Korean and Dutch water sectors, see case overview. Most of the cases are provided consortia of both a Korean and Dutch organization. The partners strive to deepen the relations between the sector in both countries. This tailored programme is elaborated with partners Hongik University, Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Seoul and Korea Water Forum.   Follow us! With the world looking at the Olympics, Wetskills will also...

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Successful mission for SunGlacier Challenge in Oman

Last week the Wetskills Foundation visited Omani partners to prepare the first edition of the SunGlacier Challenge. Coming five year Sultan Qaboos University and Wetskills Foundation will organise the so-called SunGlacier Challenge yearly. This programme, inspired by climate artist and Wetskills Ambassador Ap Verheggen, challenges teams of young talents (both students and/or Young Professioanals) to build their own device to get water out of the air by solar panels (picture right: proposed site): link to Challenge page. The main aim is to get significant progress with this method of water supply coming five years. The first edition of this SunGlacier programme will be from 18-22 March (during World Water Day). At the moment 7 teams from 5 different countries have applied for this programme. The organisation is polishing the programme with partners as Middle East Desalination Research Center, Petroleum Development Oman, SQU Water research Center en the Embassay of the Kingdom...

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First Resilience Challenge with Red Cross was a success

The #ResilienceChallenge focused on improving the resilience of communities for Red Cross and Red Crescent staff members. It was organised in parallel to the IFRC General Assembly in Antalya, Turkey from 3-9 November 2017. In this challenge the participants worked on selected cases to draft innovative plans to reducing disaster risk and strengthen community resilience. Watch the movie about the programme. The challenge was organized as a cooperation between Wetskills Foundation and Partners for Resilience Programme – an alliance of five Netherlands-based humanitarian, development, climate and environment organisaton and their more than fifty implementing partners, led by the Netherlands Red Cross. For more information: http://partnersforresilience.nl/en/.   ...

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