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Successful mission for SunGlacier Challenge in Oman

Last week the Wetskills Foundation visited Omani partners to prepare the first edition of the SunGlacier Challenge. Coming five year Sultan Qaboos University and Wetskills Foundation will organise the so-called SunGlacier Challenge yearly. This programme, inspired by climate artist and Wetskills Ambassador Ap Verheggen, challenges teams of young talents (both students and/or Young Professioanals) to build their own device to get water out of the air by solar panels (picture right: proposed site): link to Challenge page. The main aim is to get significant progress with this method of water supply coming five years. The first edition of this SunGlacier programme will be from 18-22 March (during World Water Day). At the moment 7 teams from 5 different countries have applied for this programme. The organisation is polishing the programme with partners as Middle East Desalination Research Center, Petroleum Development Oman, SQU Water research Center en the Embassay of the Kingdom...

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First Resilience Challenge with Red Cross was a success

The #ResilienceChallenge focused on improving the resilience of communities for Red Cross and Red Crescent staff members. It was organised in parallel to the IFRC General Assembly in Antalya, Turkey from 3-9 November 2017. In this challenge the participants worked on selected cases to draft innovative plans to reducing disaster risk and strengthen community resilience. Watch the movie about the programme. The challenge was organized as a cooperation between Wetskills Foundation and Partners for Resilience Programme – an alliance of five Netherlands-based humanitarian, development, climate and environment organisaton and their more than fifty implementing partners, led by the Netherlands Red Cross. For more information: http://partnersforresilience.nl/en/.   ...

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Winner Wetskills The Netherlands 2017: Flushing fish – case for Waternet

"A solution as simple as innovative. Why did we not think of this before? "With these words, Henk Ovink, Dutch envoy of international water affairs, announced the winner of Wetskills Challenge the Netherlands 2017 during the plenary concluding session of the AIWW. The group of Thijs Lieverse invented a new fish migration system for Waternet. The concept: "See the poldersystem as a toilet. If the water in the sink (polder) reaches a certain level by rainfall, a signal is given and a passage through which fish can swim all be opened."   Unexpected Thijs and his team members Asandiso Mbewu (South Africa), Radwa Elzeiny (Egypt) and Jelle Dijkema (Netherlands) received their award from Nomvula Mokonyane, the South African Minister for Water and Sanitation. Thijs: "I did not expect this. I just started my third year of Civil Engineering at University of Twente and my interest is mainly in coastal defense, so this was...

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Water partners breathe new life into the Water Footprint Network

Johan Oost and Jaap Feil (Wetskills Team members) are part of the consortium that reestablishes and improves the Water Footprint Network. One of the new focuses in the business strategy is to involve Young Water Talents. Read more in the press release and here:   The Hague, The Netherlands, October 24, 2017 The unique cooperation of Acacia Water and entrepreneurs Johan Oost and Jaap Feil will join forces with the University of Twente to update and improve the Water Footprint Network. Expansion of the activities will take place simultaneously by incorporating a new company by the name of ‘Water Footprint Implementation’. The partners will announce this news right before the start of the Amsterdam International Water Week (from 30 October until 3 November), where the innovative concept will be represented. Preparations are currently in full swing and the concept will be fully operational starting from 1 January 2018. The Water Footprint Network was set...

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Hands-on Water Challenge: a new Wetskills-like concept for O&M staff (vocational school level)

The Wetskills Water Challenge is a proven concept for Young Professionals and students with Bachelor+ background, worldwide organized by the Wetskills Foundation. The topics are based on broader themes and innovations. The teams of talents are challenged to think outside the box. They present during special events, these presentations contain a lot of interaction between generations Why only for Bachelor(+), why not the operators/artisans/process controllers? That was the question in South Africa after the first preparation of the fourth Wetskills Water Challenge during WISA 2018. Together with Department of Water & Sanitation and some utilities in South Africa the Wetskills Foundation and World Water Academy / AquaDactics initiated a new concept: Hands-on Water Challenge in South Africa, executed by AquaDactics. Staff in charge for Operation & Maintenance (vocational school / NQF level 3-4) of dams, plants, etc. are challenged to team up with peers from other utilities and departments to think out-of-the-box on new...

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