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YWP and Wetskills programme @YWP Booth Aquatech-China

Young & Curious. Eager to learn. Water enthusiast. Does this sound like you? Great! Then join our Young Water Professionals Program at the Aquatech-China in Shanghai (31 May - 2 June 2018).  Young Water Professionals (YWP) Program is designed to inspire young water professionals like you to explore the water world, get inspired by real cases, innovation and experienced professionals, Join us and meet like-minded people at the Booth 7.1H861 ‘Young Water Professionals Area’ during Aquatech China 2018. You are water and water is the future! The YWP Program is designed for all young people and water professionals attending Aquatech China 2018 with the goal to attract and engage especially those under the 35 years of age. The program will kick off with the official Youth Water Program Opening Ceremony in the afternoon on the 31 May 2018. A high-level keynote speaker will share an inspiring story of their career in water sector. We will talk...

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Winning team SunGlacier Challenge: Windesheim University of Applied Sciences

Muscat/Amsterdam, 28 March 2018 The Dutch team of Windesheim University of Applied Sciences has won the first SunGlacier Challenge, a pilot event that has been organized in Muscat, Oman from 21-25 March 2018. They developed 4 SunGlacier devices, each with an own layout. All the devices harvested water from the air. (Picture above with the winning teams, Ap Verheggen, Dr. Ahmed Al-Busaidi and Prof. Kacimov, Department of Soils, Water and Agricultural Engineering from Sultan Qaboos University). 'Especially the device with some cones in serie was great. Some teachers in The Netherlands told them not to do so, because it wouldn't work. They did and it work. That is a great achievement and out-of-the-box thinking!' said Ap Verheggen, creator of the SunGlacier conc ept. During the research in Zwolle (The Netherlands) the team used heat cameras to improve the cool elements in the device. The team tested the devices several times in the Climate Chamber, provided...

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SunGlacier Challenge started 48 hours run: water from the air

At World Water Day the first SunGlacier Challenge has officially started in Muscat, Oman. 3 Omani and Dutch teams will compete coming 48 hours to see which device can get most water out of the air by using solar panels. Each team created a device, based on the philosophy to use simple and cheap Peltier elements for condensation. The 48 hours run will find out which different shapes, materials, constructions is the best combination. The lessons learned will be saved and used in next developments and events. The devices are placed at the campus of the Middle East Desalination Research Center (MEDRC), a prestigious center for water research (especially desalination) in the Middle East. The results will be presented at the World Water Day Celebration at the Sultan Qaboos University on Sunday 25 March 2018. In between, the teams will take care of the devices, discuss about their gained insights and have...

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European water partners launch European Junior Water Programme

Brussels, 15 March 2018 The, Nationaal Watertraineeship and Wetskills with the support of European water platform WssTP are launching a new young professional programme: European Junior Water Programme (EJWP). The programme will be officially launched at the Water Market Europe in Brussel on 22 March. The programme is based upon the successful Dutch Nationaal Watertraineeship, which already created a network of more than 200 active young professionals. The EJWP offers a unique two-year programme to prepare the next generation to tackle Europe’s water management challenges and develop a future-proof model for a Water-Smart Society, in which the value of water is recognized and exploited as a precious resource and a crucial lever for economic performance and business growth.   In the view of a future Water-Smart Society able to valorise the reuse of water as well as the valuable substances and energy in water for different purposes, the programme aims at building...

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Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte hand over first medals in Holland House Gangneung to Wetskills winners

Holland Heineken House, Gangneung, South Korea - 10 February was the 'finals day' for the teams of the first Wetskills edition in South Korea. Besides this, it was also the first 'Olympic' edition because of the link with the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang 2018. The location of the finals was the Holland Heineken House (HHH), famous for the celebrations of the medals of TeamNL.   The Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte attended the finals as special guest. After the 2-minute pitches of the teams and the Q&A sessions, he interviewed each team shortly. The guests were VIP representatives and professionals of the Dutch and Korean water sectors.   The winning team was for Team Deep with the Water Wide Web concept. The case was provided by Waternet, City of Amsterdam and Seoul Water Works. The team consisted of Wonjung Chung (Seoul National University) Rianne Meeusen (Wageningen University), Anniek Timmerman (Radbout University Nijmegen), and Bin Kim (Hongik...

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