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Winning case in Kyrgyzstan: Sustainable financing of the irrigation sector

‘Producing electricity to provide finances for water infrastructure by reinvesting money to local farmers, instead of import and loans’, grabs the core of the concept for financing the irrigation sector in Kyrgyzstan, announced by the five-headed jury on 26thof October in Bishkek. The winning concept is developed in the two-week pressure-cooker Wetskills by the team ‘Watek’, consisting of Jibek Turgunbaeva (Kyrgyz National Agrarian University (KNAU)), Zarina Kaarova (Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture), Jamalidin Sadridin Uulu (Kyrgyz Turkish Manas University) and Bas Merten (Wageningen University, Netherlands).One of their important aspects was to set up crowdfunding to create ownership for farmers and generate more transparency due to many investors international, national and to provide the diaspora of Kyrgyzstan with a way to support their country.   As the team tells in their inspiring 2-minute pitch: ‘We will take this opportunity to invest in our electricity and agriculture so that Kyrgyzstan can...

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Join a new challenge: BodemBattle 2019

Soil and Water go hand-in-hand. That is why Wetskills Foundation with Wageningen University and Nationale Bodem Traineeship initiated a new challenge for students and young professionals in The Netherlands (*note: Dutch will be the main language) with a focus on soil challenges (some are combined with water). The programme differs from the regular Wetskills concept, but the aim is the same: out-of-the-box solutions for challenges formulated by sector partners.   This challenge from Bachelor, Master, PhD students and Young Professionals will start in January 2019. The teams get about ten weeks to come together (parttime!) to develop their own innovative concept. In this period several trainings will be provided and a day at the case owners is included in the programme.   On 5 October this new initiative was launched in Wageningen. Students and Young professionals in the Netherlands are challenged to join this challenge. The organisation will select the candidates and will make the...

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Invitation for students, trainees and young professionals to the Delta Conference 2018!

  The Delta Programme Commissioner wants to inspire and involve students, trainees and Young Professionals in the challenges of the Delta Programme. This programme is developed yearly and contains proposals, plans and measures to protect the Netherlands against water, to prepare for the extremes caused by climate change and to make sure there is sufficient fresh water supply. These are current situations, on which we now – and surely in the future – must work together. Exactly because of this, it is important that we involve the young people of today in developing the Delta programme. So that we together with them will be prepared for the future.   The staff Delta Programme Commissioner has asked Roadshow Water and the Wetskills Foundation to reach out to and invite students, trainees and Young Professionals from the water sector to attend the Delta Congress on the 1st of November in Zwolle. Delta Programme Commissioner Wim...

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Winner Wetskills-The Netherlands 2018 awarded by new Ambassador Ennik Somi Douma

Ennik Somi Douma, as new Wetskills Ambassador, announced team ODWater existing of team members Pann Ei Ei Phyoe (Myanmar), Alaa Al Hinai (Oman), Mtembu Ntsika (South Africa) and Emiel Geerts (The Netherlands) as winners from Wetskills Water Challenge The Netherlands 2018. Mtembu presented a great 2-minute pitch about the team's concept Water Wide Web 3.1 about a circular system for renewable energy implemented in cities. The finals of this event was organised during the European Water Tech Week in Leeuwarden (The Netherlands). The jury had to choose between four out-of-the-box concepts focused on water challenges in The Netherlands. The concepts were created by teams existing of young water talents from eight different countries worldwide. The jury chose Water Wide Web 3.1. as winner, because of the potential to scale-up and implement the concept to other cities. The concept is to store energy in various levels (household, neighbourhood and city) with the use of...

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Wetskills Foundation visits Nepal

Wetskills visited several water universities in Nepal last spring. Meetings are held with the Centre for Environmental Education Nepal (CEEN, aligned to CEE, Wetskills partner in India) and the Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu. Mutual interest are discussed and contacts were laid. Frank Tibben, Program Officer of Wetskills and both parties discussed interesting opportunities for Nepali students and Young Professionals to join Wetskills events worldwide (e.g. January 2019 is a two week event in India, see also the website) and for the possibilities to bring in cases for Wetskills India or other events. Nagendra Raj Sitoula, Professor and Director at the Centre for Disaster Studies of the Institute of Engineering of Tribhuvan University Kathmandu, gave a kind introduction to the Nepali education system and is happy to encourage students, colleagues and young professionals in participating in the Wetskills water challenges. Mr. Parshuram Sharma Niraula, Founder and Director of the Centre for Environment Education...

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