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Wetskills partners Dutch Wave Makers

Last months Wetskills Foundation and Dutch Wave Makers (DWM), both part of Human Capital Agenda, regularly meet to discuss strengthening cooperation on potential events to create more awareness of water, sustainability and climate challenges under young generations world-wide and energise international talents to join and stay in the broader water sector. DWM brings top athletes and water awareness to youth together and with students and young professionals as 'WaveMakers' they create a larger reach-out. Some Wetskills Alumni are also so-called 'WaveMakers': bringing the water-message to grammar and secondary scholars. The discussions resulted in a combined effort during the towards the Olympics in Japan and WorldExpo 2020 in Dubai, but also the follow-up of cases (DWM formulated one of the Wetskills cases during Wetskills-China 2019 about Waste-Free schools and attracted three students as WaveMakers of the Zeeland University of Applied Sciences to join the event). Coming years Wetskills Foundation will support DWM...

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Brains for Brine Challenge

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia launched a new challenge, called Brains for Brine. KAUST and Wetskills Foundation cooperate on talent exchange: various KAUST (Master and PhD) students went/will go to various Wetskills editions, like Oman, Romania and Mexico.  The Brains for Brine Challenge challenging the world to find new solutions to protect marine habitats from brine discharge. Submit your idea(s) before 1 August 2019. Go to the website: https://www.kaust.edu.sa/brains4brine/index.html Call for ideas Five potential winners will present at Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) Winning ideas will be developed in partnership with the Red Sea Development Company Up to three $10,000 cash prizes available for viable ideas ...

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Wetskills becomes integrated part of Korea-IWW 2019

On the sunny Thursday before Easter (in The Netherlands), a Korean delegation of Daegu Metropolitan City visited Leeuwarden. As part of their bigger tour through Europe, they were invited by the Province of Fryslân to gather for a meeting about the Korean International Water Week (KIWW) 2019. Not a coincidence ofcourse, as Daegu is the organizer and host of this prominent event. As Wetskills Foundation will organize another challenge in South Korea this year, with its finals at the KIWW in Deagu, we joined this meeting to introduce our programme and talk about the set up of the finals (6 September 2019). Wetskills and the participants will join and reintegrated in almost the whole KIWW 2019 programme. In addition, the Province of Fryslân will be case owner during this Wetskills-South Korea challenge, as they did during the past edition in 2018. After an introduction on watermanagement in Leeuwarden, WaterAlliance and the...

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AfriAlliance and Wetskills foster a community of YWPs

AfriAlliance and Wetskills signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on fostering a community of talented young water management professionals from Africa and Europe (Delft, 9 April 2019). AfriAlliance and Wetskills represent initiatives that have a mission to help solve water challenges. Both parties are dedicated to strengthening and integrating young talent within the water sector and promote cooperation, co-creation and knowledge sharing on water and climate actions. They aim to generate joint initiatives in order showcase local African case studies where international and local students can co-create solutions to local problems. One of the examples is to initiate more Wetskills events in Africa. Also trying to involve European and African candidates for the events in Europe (like Romania and The Netherlands this year) and Africa, but also students from IHE Delft. Wetskills regularly organised events in South(ern) Africa. Next event on the planning is Wetskills-South Africa 2020 in Sandton/Johannesburg. Wetskills will also promote events from AfriAlliance in its networks, like...

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Future Water Leaders program at Aquatech China

Wetskills is happy to announce it will organize a Future Water Leaders program in Shanghai in collaboration with Aquatech China (3-5 June).   The Future Water Leaders program is addressing the development of the next generation of water professionals who will become leaders in the water sector. The program aims to attract recent graduates and young professionals in a series of activities designed specially to help expand their knowledge and network in the Chinese and international water sectors.   The program will focus on interactive engagement with young professionals, where participants and visitors will get a chance to learn, contribute insights and ask questions to industry experts and fellow peers. Different projects, themes and innovations will be introduced through panel discussions and quizzes. The discussions will focus on linking sector trends with skill development among young people while the quizes will touch upon topics such as Plastic pollution, Fashion Footprint and Conscious Consumption.  There...

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