Game, new rules, work on action plan

Game, new rules, work on action plan

Wetskills Kyrgyzstan


Day 4

Today we started again with a little game to learn each other’s names. Unfortunately, a lot of people came late so we had to introduce some new rules that are official from now on.

From today on we have new rules about being late. If you’re more than 10 minutes late you have to sing a song and if you come more than 30 minutes late he or she has to pay 1.000.000 som penalty so the supervisors can have a nice massage.

During the game in the morning we threw a small pillow to each other, always shouting out the name while throwing. After two rounds we continued with our cases. We started to make our planning to define what exactly we’re going to do with our cases. This took us until 2 o’clock to finish the action plans. The plan was divided in introduction, background, goals, methods, focus and a schedule for each day. A nice coffee break gave us some time to refresh our minds and be happy because the food was really tasty. We really had a lot of food.

After being fully replenished we finished our planning and started to discuss the action plan with our supervisors. Every group explained their planning and answered critical questions about what they’re going to do.

Even if it was cold outside the atmosphere in the group working room was really positive, busy and productive.

The day was a lot of fun and exciting.

by: Jibek Turgunbaeva & Janara Nurlanova





Frank Tibben