Floods and landslides fieldvisits in the Western Ghats!

Floods and landslides fieldvisits in the Western Ghats!

Wetskills Kerala 2019 – by Zacharaia Joseph –


Day 2 was assigned for excursion and site visits to flood and landslides affected areas in Wayand.

The team along with faculties from JDTI  started the journey. All of us were excited about the trip ,the hairpin bends up the Weatern Ghats to the destination made the trip more thrilling. On the way we had stopped for sight seeing and had a delicious breakfast arranged by our host.

Our first stop was an old tea estate in Kerala which was built by the british. The placed offered the history and the evolution of tea and tea plantation.We also came to the knowledge that the tea estate was  affected severely by the floods of 2018.

From here we proceeded to Banasura Sagar Dam which portrayed a beautiful blend of the blue and green .



Next was a food hault at a restaurant in Wayand, where we had varieties of dishes.  The confused faces of the foreign delegates in front of the thali meal was funny.



Then we proceeded to area where the massive land slide took place. It was larger than what we imagined. An entire hill got drained into the valley washing away people and their possessions .It was a massive disaster that created a devastating visual impact for all of us.


Afterwards we  headed back to Calicut. The journey was fun. There was a serious debate between Arshad and Csilla, as the conversation grew interesting most of us took part in it. We reached safe and sound to the campus and had a group dinner in the canteen followed by a note of thanks by our coordinator.


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