Climateproofing my experience in Wetskills

Climateproofing my experience in Wetskills

Wetskills Romania 2017 – May 13th 

“choose air, choose green”

Today, like most days, I started my day at college. Like every time we entered the hall, we greet and sit down to discuss “what we’re going to do today”. Today is Saturday, so we have to finalize the poster and rehearse the speech. Meanwhile, we evaluated the past week, we try to put together the information and put it on paper. We are a team and we mobilize each other with something to do, so we manage to get it all done. From time to time we stop and remember the discussions with experts, visits to the Meteorological Institute, ARA and GreenMogo.

I want to thank my team members for understanding, support, patience and thanks wetskills for this remarkable experience.


Elena-Adriana Mierloiu (Politehnica University of Bucharest)



Johan Oost

Managing Director Wetskills Foundation