A work in progress…

A work in progress…

Wetskills Romania 2017 – May 12th 

“With deadlines closing in, the pressure is on!”

Today is the fifth day of our case study workweek. Every day we have been walking a scenic route to get to the Politehnica campus: past a NATO base, some coffee shops (not the Dutch versions), small bakeries and a building site. It was at this building site where I noticed something symbolic today. The previous days the white plaster walls had been marked with red dots, apparently, the dots mark where the walls have been reinforced, today however the wall had been painted with a dark grey colour. The progress of the building struck me as symbolic in comparison with our Wetskills cases. Where we had started with nothing but a question from our case-owners (a white plaster wall so to say) our projects start to take shape now. Instead of white sterile walls, our projects are gaining colour and have their own identity. While the cases started to take shape as unique projects, they are by no means finished yet. And with deadlines closing in, the pressure is on! As a result everybody was putting their backs into it to make sure the deadlines would be met.

While working on our case, occasionally I would look up from my laptop to observe everyone. Some were drawing designs on whiteboards, others were going around the room asking for the clarity of their poster designs and some people were having Skype meetings. This is what Wetskills is about, working as an international group on interesting cases, helping each other and having fun.

Let’s see what the next five days of Wetskills Romania 2017 will bring us!


Niels Heres – Radboud University Nijmegen

Johan Oost

Managing Director Wetskills Foundation