May 2018

China lover day

By Jiuyan Fu Today is the China lover day, and we began our Wetskills-China program in a romantic atmosphere. While the weather was not that shining, we were so excited for the first meeting with all the member in this program. As a Chinese student, I don’t have much chance to communicate with the same-age foreign students from abroad famous university and to get along with them for a long time. That is make me feel complicated. For a one hand, I want to make more friends who is from different countries and to know their habits. Due to that, this program makes me very excited. On the other hand, because of my poor English skills, it’s also make me anxious about the upcoming days. However, with the friendly and happy atmosphere, we were getting well with each other. After the short meeting, we go to the Zhejiang University of Technology...

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‘’Why did you join wetskills and what are your expectations?’’

Ni hao! My name is Lisa Bakker, I’m 20 years old and I’m a third year aquatic ecotechnology student at the HZ University of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen. When I was at school, I received an email from my academy, that informed all the students about the wetskills organisation and about the coming event in China. When reading about it, I suddenly got really excited! When I finished reading the email, I didn’t hesitate and immediately started writing my motivation, which was very easy. I really like learning about water, nature, and also about different cultures. So this event would be great for me, since this is the combination of my top interests! And even better, since I’m a really big fan of Asia, seeing that the event is going to be held in China made it perfect! When I am there, I would really love to learn from different people and different...

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Deadline Day 19 June for México, Indonesia and The Netherlands — JOIN!

What has México, Indonesia and The Netherlands in common? All countries will have a Wetskills Water Challenge in the period of August and September 2018. We are looking for participants, local and international. Write down in your agenda: 19 June 2018 - Deadline-Day for these next Wetskills events! You have the choice between three different countries, each on a different continent with its own culture, water challenges and water event. But for all countries: with young energy Wetskills will go for out-of-the-box solutions for real-life water cases. We welcome candidates from over the world to join one of the events. Do you want to join one of the events? Register via the website! Wetskills Foundation and its partners is also looking for cases. Contact Johan Oost for more information....

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