October 2017

Wetskills NL – Delta Tour continues!

Day 2 - This morning I woke up in a jailcell with three foreigners. I’d never imagine I would have to say such a sentence. Luckily for me, we were not in jail for any crimes, except being awesome, but to stay the night at a beautiful thematic hostel, which is a renovated jail. We, the group of Wetskills 2017, had the pleasure of staying the night at this wonderful location in Leeuwarden. Still, despite the great sleep we all had, I can imagine most people would not have minded sleeping for an hour more. After eating our breakfast, which was likely better than any they had back in the day, we followed our trusty Marcel to the bus location. We almost lost a few participants due to walking on a bus lane, because we all know Dutch busses stop for nobody. Luckily we all made it safely to the bus,...

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Wetskills NL – Kick-off & Start of Delta Tour

Day 1 - We started day one of Wetskills with the official “kick-off” of the Wetskills programme at Waternet in Amsterdam. At the Waternet office, we were welcomed by the company director Roelof Kruize and learned about a very interesting project named “Sun Glacier”. This project, led by Dutch artist Ap Verheggen, attempts to harvest water from dry air which motivated us to think out of the box. Most of all, we got to know the other participants of Wetskills and found out that the group is very sociable. Both of us instantly got very excited to start the programme and learn more about all participants. After Waternet we went to the second stop, Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier in Heerhugowaard (HHNK), which is quite a challenge to pronounce for Aiperi and some of the other participants. Anyways, by the end of the two weeks, we’re sure everyone will manage. At HHNK, we got introduced...

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Special Resilience Challenge for Red Cross and Red Crescent

Wetskills Foundation was requested by the Partners for Resilience Programme to develop a tailored Wetskills look-a-like programme for Red Cross and Red Crescent staff members. This is alongside the General Assembly of the International Federation Red Cross: in Antalya from 3-9 November 2017. As ‘resilience building’ is becoming an ever-more prominent focus within the Red Cross Federation, it is important to increase our understanding on the ways this can be shaped. One way of doing this is through joint, short-term exercises in teams with specialists from different fields and different countries: The Resilience Challenge. This Challenge is initiated by Partners for Resilience, an alliance that is led by the Netherlands Red Cross and that works on reducing disaster risk and strengthening community resilience in cooperation with Wetskills Foundation. The alliance bundles expertise in disaster risk reduction, ecosystem management and restoration, and the role climate. It has been active in a great number of countries...

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