January 2017

I Know I am Making Memories

blog Wetskills-India 5 January – by Manish Vadanere (Habitat Management, CEPT Univeristy Ahmedabad)

Wetskills has  began and we have been brainstormed about our cases, my group has received case of developing flood resilience in the city where we have found that the floating pumps by E-tech can play an important role.

The first real working day!

blog Wetskills-India 4 January – by Tess op den Kelder (Stockholm University, Sweden)

Today we really started working on the cases. The day started with a general introduction from Machtelijn, followed by an introduction of all the cases by the case holders.

Back to Ahmedabad: read the blogs

Happy, inspiring and healthy 2017 to all. We started early this year. Already 2 January 2017, the second edition of Wetskills-India has started. After 13 months Wetskills came back to Center of Environment Education in Ahmedabad (read the 2015 story here). This time 10 Indian and 10 Dutch students / YWP will work in 5 mixed teams at cases provided by Indian and Dutch partners, see event page. This time the finals will be organized during the Vibrant Gujarat in Ghandinagar, just (half) an hour drive from Ahmedabad. This will be at 12 January in the morning. Follow Wetskills-India 2017 with the daily blogs....

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