SunGlacier Challenge in Oman

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SunGlacier Challenge in Oman

March 20 - March 23

About The Event

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A global challenge to accelerate dew harvesting techniques that the world needs!

The partners of the SunGlacier Challenge invite teams of universities worldwide to join this unique challenge in Oman (20-25 March 2018) to make water from the air! Create as a university team your own SunGlacier (based on the techniques that will be provided), arrange your travel to Oman and compete with other teams. Main goal: going further with the latest techniques to provide the world with a new, reliable and cheap water source!

In this Challenge teams will construct their SunGlacier, bring it the competition. You can register till 8 February 2018

Registration procedure

Registration: till 8 February 2018

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Practical information


  • 20 March: Arrival
  • 21 March: Welcome, preparation and testing
  • 22 March: Workshop at MEDRC, start 48 hour run
  • 23 March: check devices, cultural and social programme
  • 24 March: End of 48 run, preparing for presentation, Farewell dinner
  • 25 March: World Water Day celebration Sultan Taboos University, presentation, awarding winners


For registration: see Terms & Conditions SunGlacier Challenge 2018.


In 2010 Artist Ap Verheggen started the “Art meets Science” project SunGlacier: Harvest Water from Air, fully powered by Solar Energy. With a team of volunteering experts ‘the SunGlacier Team’ he tested the limits to investigate how small and cheap we can build a water harvest machine that is off-grid, powered by solar energy. Because solar energy can be limited and variable – with cloud cover and night cycles – we faced the challenge to use all energy as efficient as possible. The first SunGlacier sculpture is built with existing, off-the-shelf technology, but the latest versions are built with our own custom-designed technology.

Ap Verheggen combined design and technology and built several prototypes and one of them: “DC03” even runs without a battery, a convertor, or a fan. So nearly no maintenance and nothing can break. A cheap Peltier cooler is directly connected to a small solar panel and it makes drops of water. This technology is so promising because of low costs and durable components that Ap published all details on his website

SunGlacier Challenge

The accelerate the speed of development of this promising SunGlacier technology, some partners joined forces and decided to launch the SunGlacier Challenge, with the goal to produce water out of air, powered by solar energy. The competition location will be Oman, with the partner Sultan Qaboos University.

The partners invite teams teams of university students, young professionals from knowledge institutes or groups of friends in the field to build their own SunGlacier and join this competition. Note: The participants needs to be younger than 35 years.

Programme: Challenge, Conference and social activities

After the SunGlacier Challenge a Conference will be organized to learn more about the techniques from each other. Experts will be asked to join the Conference programme.

In the SunGlacier Challenge programme various social and cultural activities will be organized to meet each other and experience the culture and country of Oman.

The Rules

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The techniques

The techniques of SunGlacier will be public here. This is the basic information to use for your own SunGlacier. You can also make your own SunGlacier!

The competition

Maximum 15 teams from various countries worldwide will be selected for this event.

Every team will get a standard solar pannel of 50 or 250 Watt (peak). Panel can turn with the sun if designed. A Peltier element (if used) can be replaced one time, when broken. The winner of the competition is based on a 48 hours run for 50 or 250 Watt.

SunGlacier is an Art Project so a special award will be provided for best design” (based on a jury’s decision under chair of Ap Verheggen).

The prices will be announced in a later stage, after attracting more partners.

Application deadlines

The official registration is via the registration button of this website. If you are interested as and/or already formed a team, please send Mr. Tim van der Staaij an email.


The participation of this challenge and the conference afterwards is free. Project partners and Sponsors will cover the costs.

However the travel of the student team and the SunGlacier, the accommodation and daily costs needs to be paid by the participating team. The team is allowed to find sponsors.

More information

For more information about participation as team or university, please contact Tim van der Staaij (

For other information about companies as potential partner, please contact Johan Oost ( or Jaap Feil (

Call for partners

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The SunGlacier organization is looking for partners to step in the Challenge

Would you as company, university, knowledge institute, government and/or NGO like to step in to make this SunGlacier Challenge a success? Do you think that dew harvesting will contribute to the cocktail of water sources? Would you like to meet Young Talents? Please join the SunGlacier as partner.

More information

More information about the sponsorship requirements and other information to become potential partner, please contact Johan Oost ( or Jaap Feil (Jaap

Event Partners

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Sultan Qaboos University_

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March 20
March 23
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Sultan Qaboos University
Al Khoudh,Muscat 123
Muscat, Oman


Johan Oost
Tim van der Staaij
Ahmed Al-Busaidi
Jaap Feil
Ap Verheggen