Wetskills-The Netherlands

Announcement for participants Wetskills-The Netherlands 2017 open

Wetskills The Netherlands 2017: ‘The Dutch bring you in!’ Coming soon: Wetskills across the Dutch delta! After many inspiring and successful editions across the globe, Wetskills presents a home coming edition for the fourth time. Look back and back for some great memories from previous events. From 19 October until 2 November 2017 we will make a journey across the Netherlands visiting sites, cities, universities and organizations which had and have their influence on Dutch water management. Make your contribution to current, challenging waterissues in The Netherlands and apply for this special event! Like last editions, the Final of this edition will take place during the Amsterdam International Water Week 2017. Bachelor, Master and PhD students and fresh graduates are invited to sign up at the website....

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29.10.2015-Where is the sun?

by Lavinia Di Francesco

University of Brescia – CeTAmbLAB – Italy


Very long day. Outside the hostel the sun and we here inside working hard.

Some comparison between us, faces doubtful  and question marks that continue to occur constantly. Interesting is the fact that we are spending all this time together, we are forced to communicate and fortunately the multicultural exchange is always notable.

28.10.2015 – Wetskills water challenge

By Hadas, Technion university in Haifa, Israel

We start the day in busy bus, and after long waiting we got metro line 51 that help us understanding bather how sardines live. Unfortunately 3 members not received to fill the sardines’ experience, because they miss the line. Don’t worry! The end was goodJ and we meet theme at the last station.

30.10.2015 Final sprint for all cases

by  Kai-Feng Chen

Technical University Munich

After a wonderful night celebrating Inge’s birthday and going through a toilet paper game, which helped a lot to know all the Wetskills participants better, we woke up at a sunny day. Of course the tasks for today is still working on our cases, trying to make the concepts more precise and solid. But one thing different, after chatting with some members, we all come to a common agreement, to have some fun on weekends.

27.10.2015 AP from sunrise to sunset!!!!!

by Ben Ukrainsky

University of the Technion-Israel

We woke up to another beautiful sunny day in the city of Amsterdam just to find out that most of the day we will actually stay inside the hostel to work on our action plan (AP).Part of the groups went out early in the morning while the others stayed in the hostel which was quite convenient because they slept longer which is really important nowadaysJJ.

26.10.2015 Wetskills Newsletter


Today we visited the Waternet building, meeting our case owners and get more understanding of what we are going to do for the following days. There are five cases, dealt by five groups, the head of waternet and several other experts made a speech on their professions (professions include water engineering, biology, chemistry or even marketing), after that, we have the questioning time, during which the experts visit each groups, offering us the chance to ask advices from experts, and by asking questions, team members start to get a clearer understanding of their cases.

26.10.2015 Out of box

by Mariam Amer Researcher in Agricultural Engineering Research. Today is the first day in Amsterdam but not the first time for me, so it is amazing to have a breakfast with the Wetskills Pa rticipants again. After we had a cool breakfast, Program was started in waternet. Actually! We got a lot of information. Johan Started and telling us about wetskills with amazing introduction. Wetskills and its 16 event in 5 years and third time in Netherlands. Then presentation about 5 cases ...

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25.10.2015 The long and beautiful day

by Ahmed Azab Coastal Research Institute (CoRI) It was a hard day because it was the day of my arrival to Amsterdam but it was a marvellous day as we started the day at 10:30 am, we went out for a journey in Rotterdam city that was a beautiful city and I saw a lot of solar panels in the way. After that we went to “Aqua Reuse” water buffer that act as a reservoir for saving rain-full water to use it in future agricultural irrigation, it was a great idea to save water from rainfall. Then we went to the storm surge barrier that is a huge structure that was constructed to protect Rotterdam city from flooding as a result of storm surge. We also took a round with Michael in Rotterdam and he showed us an innovative structure, it was a structure that collects rainwater and distributes it to the surrounding plants and...

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25.10.2015 – Team-building days

by Merita Abdullahi University of Mitrovica-Kosovo The Netherland… a country of diversity with a rich culture, canal cruises everywhere surrounded. A city with the highest museum density in the world and as well I would claim that this country basically is a synonym of the most ecologically part of the Europe. I am so honored to experience every single moment of the great accompaniment among the professional team workers and organizers who provides their generous energy and the support for us. While the city scrolling in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, I captured some great views from the adorable architectural buildings and historical points all observed from the cruise all around the city showing such a peaceful visual sight ! One of the other highlights were the houseboat which really makes this country unique and as well the snackbars everywhere with some typically Dutch food. In the other hand regarding to our professional visit of Aqua Reuse and...

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